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Challenger BMX Magazine is an irregularly published BMX magazine that takes its form mostly in a newspaper-like format, but also email newsletters, and right here on this very website. Taking cues from the spirit and energy of zines as well as the structured nature of the classic magazine, Challenger prides itself on covering the less covered and timeless aspects of BMX, including but not limited to:

the history of sick spots, behind the scenes of classic photos, as much as possible—all disciplines of the BMX subculture, talking shit with your friends, the balance and interaction of day-to-day life with riding, that small detail like when someone does a stylish skid after they do something awesome in a clip and it’s almost more awesome than the trick itself, the post-session food, shitty skateparks, good skateparks, music but not music reviews, and I guess it should go without saying, but having fun with your friends.

In a nutshell, Challenger is the working-class answer to mainstream BMX.



(773) 542-3279


Nick Ferreira

Contributors (historic)
Ross Albreski
Rick Anderson
Matty Aquizap
Adam Banton
Brian Barnhart
Jack Bee
Vic Bettencourt
George Bolter
Phil Bossmeyer
Doug Bratt
Henny Brindle
Mike Brodie
Chris Burden
Pat Burke
Tim Burkhart
Andrew Burton
Brodie Butterfield
Tom Cambridge
Evan Camden
John Capps
Roy Christopher
Jasper Clarke
Jonny Clarke
Clayton Cole
Matt Coplon
Mike Corcoran
Zacharia Costa
David Crownover
Merlin Czarnulla
Michael Daley
Gregory Dickson
Depth Levithan Dweller
Rob Dolecki
Alex Duleba
Kyle Emery-Peck
Satoski Enda
Bryon Farley
Tom Ferreira
James Flanders
Ian Fleming
Jake Frost
Nick Garcia
Matt Gaspar
Benoit Gea
Zach Gilbert
Shaun Gingras
Jeff Gipson
Agustin Glauber
Liam Grant
Mason Gray
Dan Hanafin
Brad Hill
Thomas Hirat
Rich Hirsch
Mat Hoffman
Jeremie Infelise
Lil Jon
Chester Jones
Karl Keelaghan
Kris Kim
Jay Kiser
Patrick Klacza
William Kyle
David Leep
Jack Leonard
Tasha Lindemann
Joshua Lucero
Ashley Macdonald
Scott Marceau
Ryan Martin
Erik Matsunaga
Seamus McKeon
Gabriel X. Michael
Richard Mungall
Cody Neiswender
Jon Nemecek
Hajima Nohara
Ryan Ogawa
Toshihiro Ohama
Windy Osborn
Rory James O’Toole
Lance Palko
Dennis Peralta
Bob Pergl
Daniel Peter
Luis Pinzon
Brandon Pundai
Damian Racut
Kevin Reardon
Tyler Rembold
Craig Reynolds
Mark Rhaina
Joe Rich
Patty Rich
Rahlin Rigsby
Thiago Rocha
Carlos Santori
Bob Scerbo
Jenn Smith
Paul Smith
Jared Souney
Matt St. Gelais
Shinya Sugita
Peter Sutherland
Ike Taylor
Ian Tormey
Remi Trouillet
Brian Tunney
Matt VanAcker
Luka Veren
Sam Waller
Adam Wasylenko
Matthew Weintritt
Jocko Weyland
M. Willet
Ian Willms
Blake Yard
Dan Zabinsky
Chris Zidek
Jeff Zielinksi

BMX Magazine since 2017.
Published irregularly.
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