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Volume 1, Issue 2, Summer 2017
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Curvature Counsel: Curb Cut

by Chester Jones

The forever present curb cut. A right of passage, a stepping stone to freestyle supremacy and a sweet slope bred for bunnyhops and bump jumps. By design, curb cuts act as a handicap embankment easing the deeds of the less than fortunate, minimizing a wheelchair bottom out, facilitating a trip-less hike up to the half a foot high altitude where most all of our heels and wheels have wandered upon.

Applying the enthusiasm of the BMX wheel to any curb cut reveal a world of potentialities, endless only to the next cross street in any given neighbourhood. In the always fluctuating dog pile of BMX hierarchy, the curb cut is where nearly every grom cuts their teeth. Pecking order pinch flats, over the bar blues and nose case collusion prepare any new kook for the kingdom of rad and ridicule.

All salt stomping aside, the variance in widths and heights align the mind for dynamic curb cut appeal ranging from cut to cut double ups and choose your own adventure rhythm sections of catching backsides or opting out for a contemporary flat landing. The sweet spot of the transition sits in-between the running slope and interfacing street radius outfitting optimal pop at the users discretion and preference. Cutting the curb too tight to the gutter may leave your crew over the moon going to the bar or bodega so remember to glide low and ride high. And as always, safe landings out there.

-The Curvature Counsel, your quarterly curvature briefing. ︎